Heebie Jeebies, Science

$ 22.90
This crazy DIY drawing robot uses vibration and spin generated by a motor to create works of art. Get it to create different designs by adjusting the angle and height of the pens and watch it work! This kit is easy to build and fun to play with.
1 baseplate
1 transparent cover
1 motor with 3 arm supports
3 pen holders
3 arm ends
3 vibration brushes
1 switch cover
3 pens Nuts and screws
Easy-to-follow instructions
Heebie Jeebies is a Sydney based wholesale company that loves to create fun things for both big and little inquisitive minds. They design and develop many of our own products as well as sourcing the latest exciting products from around the world.  They wholesale toys and gifts to museums, department stores and independent stores throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as distributing in other countries. Their stock includes over 500 different products across 11 brands.
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